This song always seems to pop into my head during October and no, it is not because Christmas is right around the corner.  The cooler weather and the constant sunshine make living in the UAE blissful.  The long hot summer months are behind us and now the city comes alive again.  The parks are filled with people picnicking and children playing, people are out and about walking, jogging or cycling.  Whilst my family back home is digging out their winter clothing, we are just starting to venture outdoors again.  Shorts, T-Shirts and sandals are our winter clothing of choice.

The social calendar fills up quickly with BBQ’s, brunches, pool parties, and let’s not forget about all the amazing events.  Whatever downer you may have had about living in the UAE during the summer months is replaced with gratitude when you are sitting poolside basking in the sun.  You can spend a day at the beach,  dune bashing, boating…the options are plentiful. Whatever you decide to do this weekend – Enjoy every moment! It’s a great time to be living in the UAE.

Have a great weekend!