The Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi know the importance of living a healthy life.  We were so excited to be invited down to the newly opened BrightPoint Hospital.  Bright Point Hospital is a private hospital dedicated to women’s health.  This was a perfect opportunity to meet with the staff and have a look around.  The housewives were treated to lovely breakfast and the ladies from Zari Spa were on hand to give massages and henna.We discussed the importance of self breast exams, the frequency and what age mammograms should start (40 if no family history of breast cancer).  Dr. Anselmo Ferrao, Medical Director, Obstetric and Gynaecology was on hand to meet with all the ladies and discuss women’s health issues.  The ladies were given a private tour by Hospital Administrator, Heather Smith.

RHWAD BrightPoint Hospital 42

A lot of detail and consideration went into the design of the rooms. The goal was to create a positive, comfortable environment keeping all of a women’s needs in mind.  For example in the consultation room, you will find hooks on the wall to place your handbag or clothes, there is a floor mat for your feet and a mirror placed on the wall so that you can see what you look like before exiting.  These little touches are often missed at other hospitals.

RHWAD BrightPoint Hospital 27We had a look at all the other departments but what was impressive was the maternity wards.  The lush VIP room was warm and inviting.  It is bigger than a small apartment. Even the standard maternity room was only a bit smaller in size than the VIP room but just as spacious. There is shared maternity rooms and these are bright and airy too. Each room has its own television and bathroom. The shared room has a television for each bed. On the maternity ward, there is a nursery where the newborns can be looked after if the mother needs to get some rest. The hospital will be delivering babies soon in the new year.

If you are like me and finished having babies, this will still be the place for you.  All women health services are available.  If you need to get in for  a gynaecological exam (pap smears should be done every 3 years) or a mammograms – this would be a good place to have it done.  There is a pediatrician on board to take care of children as well. Seems like a no brainer to me – one location for mamma and the kids.

Overall the women, including myself, were very impressed with the facilities.  Most importantly the staff were so friendly and helpful.   Women are always asking for recommendations for a good gynaecologist or paediatrician.  Well, we recommend this place.   It is a new facility, highly trained doctors and great customer service.  There are various programs that the hospital has on offer from wellbeing to fitness.  Most recently they held a Infant CPR class.  Be sure to like their Facebook page so that you can stay informed of all the events and classes on offer.


Map BrightpointBrightPoint is located across from Dusit Thani Hotel on Sultan Bin Zayed the First street (aka 4th) between 15th and Al Saada Street.  Next to Al Jazira Football Stadium.  There is valet parking so no need to worry about parking. For more information, visit the BrightPoint Hospital website