RHWAD UBERI must admit I don’t use my smartphone for much other than social media, however I have been learning how to use various apps.  One app I recently have downloaded and tried is UBER.   My friends in Dubai use it and even our own Real Housewife Vanessa is a big fan and has been using the app for the past few months.

What is UBER?  UBER is an app that connects you to a private driver.  No need to call a taxi.  Just order a private driver at the touch of a button.

How does it work?

First you must download the UBER app onto your smart phone.  You need to register to set up your account.  You will have to enter your credit card details (one – time set up). Your card will be charged when you have arrived at your destination, so you don’t need to worry about having cash on hand.

RHWAD UBER PickupOnce you have registered, you are set to order your ride.  Simply place the pin on the pick up location.  The estimated arrival time will be appear right next to SET PICKUP LOCATION.  At the bottom of your screen, you will have 2 options:  UberX and Black Car.

  • UberX cars include Toyota Previa, Chevrolet Caprice and Ford Taurus
  • Uber Black Car includes Lexus ES, Audi A6, BMW 5 Series

Simply slide the car icon to whichever selection of car you want UberX or Uber Black Car. This is important to know because if it is your first time using,  you want to know what type of car to expect.  Had I realised this I would have saved myself the energy doing the Big Pimpin dance expecting a BMW when I actually ordered UberX so a Toyota Previa showed up.  It was still good though!

After you have made your choice, the next screen is the Confirmation page.  Enter in any Promo codes (RHWAD) and select “Request Car.”  It is that simple!  You will then see your driver’s name, photo and contact details.  Best of all, you can track the vehicle on the app map.  I must admit this comes in handy as you are getting ready to go out.  No more wondering where your driver is.  You will be able to see exactly where he is.  Once he arrives, he will give any assistance if needed.  After you have arrived at your destination, you will receive the receipt on your phone.

RHWAD UBER ReceiptHow much does it cost?

For a service like this, it is going to cost a little bit more than your regular taxi but not as much as you would think.  In the past, it has cost me 75 AED for a taxi into town.  For the same exact drive with UberX it cost 83 AED.  So for 8 AED more I placed my order through app so I didn’t have to deal with anyone over the phone (explaining address – “No, Villa 18, 1-8 not 80”),  I knew where the driver was the entire time he was enroute, I had a bottle of water waiting for me in the car, the air con worked properly and I didn’t have to deal with any unpleasant odours (I am not judging but you know what I am talking about).   These benefits are worth the little extra cost.

It is worth downloading UBER.  Next time you’re out, don’t wait to flag down a taxi driver.  Request your own driver.  It’s the classier option.  We have partnered with UBER so all first time users can enter in promo code RHWAD for 100AED off your first ride.  This basically makes your first ride FREE – even if you live way out of town, like me.  Not valid for rides to Dubai.  Why not try it this weekend?  Let us know what you think.