By Mini Exchange

Fashion is an ever-revolving door. Trends that were popular in our grandparents’ good old days, grace the covers of women’s fashion magazines today. Interestingly, these trends have also spilled over into world of kids’ fashion. Little girls and boys look so cute in reinvented versions of past fashion trends. Let’s look back on the 60s trends for women, and try these top tips to achieve the groovy style of that era, for kids today.

Peter Pan Collars

To achieve the ultimately sweet girl look, Peter Pan collars are the way to go. On shirts or dresses, the soft round corners add a very feminine touch to your little girls’ outfit.

Bell Bottoms

Believe it or not, these flared trousers originated way back in the 1800s, as part of naval uniforms. In the 1960s, they became fashionable for both men and women. Towards the late sixties, the style was adopted by the hippies, and the rest is history. Bell bottoms are still popular in kids’ fashion today, and would suit any little girls or boys who enjoy comfort, and being active.

Stripes and prints

The 60s were all about bold stripes, polka dots, and other geometric shapes. Choose girls’ dresses that have these patterns in bright and beautiful colours. For boys, look for shirts or tees with thick or thin stripes, or large, loud checked prints. These look especially good when paired with jeans.


Trendy shades were hugely popular accessories in the 60s. Styles would range from large over-sized lenses to shorter cat-eye frames made from thick plastic. These are perfect for little girls. For the boys, there are 2 styles to choose from. First, the thick black frames made popular by Buddy Holly. The second option – and probably the most obvious one – is the John Lennon favourite. He was known to wear small round-shaped lenses in thin wire frames, usually with rose-tinted lenses.

Head accessories & Jewellery

Head scarfs can be worn as turbans or pony tails for little girls. Alternatively, head bands with pretty bows or floral embellishments work just as well. Add some chunky bracelets or a pendant necklace.

Shoes and socks

For girls, pick dressy flats and Mary Janes over white ankle socks. For boys, canvas shoes, like plimsolls – with or without socks – will do the trick.


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