Do you Love Pop Art, India, are married to a Gujarati, speak Hindi, live in India, have family from Africa, love 90’s or vintage Bollywood…? and on and on and on?   Su Chē Design is going to be your happy place!  Honestly, I saw these amazing prints in a background shot of a friends’ IG page for her daughter’s birthday, and then another friend randomly sent me an image of these prints via IG and told me, “Roma! You need these!!!”

Both independently helped me connect to Su Chē Design, and the rest is history!  This is the IG universe working its magic through friends!!  I selected some prints to start with (the top 3 prints you see in the photos) and then realized that the look wouldn’t be complete after having them delivered, and my heart didn’t feel right without the rest of the prints. I fell in love with (the bottom prints in the same photos.)  Bhavin helped me get the correct shipping set for delivery to Abu Dhabi through Royal Mail in the UK and Emirates Post here in the UAE.  He also helped me expedite the delivery of a surprise reveals for my parents.

My father couldn’t stop laughing and fell in love with the “Tara Bap Nu Ghar” print, and my mom was crying with laughter at the “Gadhedo” print!  I think they both loved the charm of the prints because I heard them yell, laugh, and say it so many times in my Indian American household!  It was not easy to select prints, as each one is such a favorite saying, memory from my childhood, or I just loved the colors and verses.  I opted for the largest sizes of the available prints on the website as the space is ample, and they fit perfectly inside standard IKEA photo mat type frames.  I also selected three personalized prints, “Najaar/Nazaar,” for Christmas Presents.  When I decorate in my home or design spaces for others, I work with the philosophy of “display or decorate with items that speak to your heart.”  Be it a family heirloom, something found, something discovered, let it be a space that speaks to your heart.

Su Chē speaks to my heart… After spending some time on their website and social media, you’ll also find so many prints that will talk to you.

Bhavin: UK designer and owner