I am not sure if this park has an official name.  Unofficially it is known as the “Park behind the Pink shops” or “Park with the tubes.”  Located in Khalifa City A (KCA), somewhere between 15th and 39th street – behind the Pink Shops. These sort of vague descriptions is what one becomes used to after several years in Abu Dhabi. Whilst the park is near the Pink Shops, it is not directly behind the Pink Shops but close enough.  Don’t worry, it is easy to get to and I will tell you exactly how to get there at the end of this post.

Khalifa City A Park RHWAD

This is an awesome place to spend the afternoon with your kids.  It is not a massive in size but it is full of adventure.  When you first go, your kids will be too excited and won’t know where to begin.  Upon arriving the first thing you notice is bright red tubes in the side of a hill.  How fun is this?  It is not too often you see any sort of hill in Abu Dhabi.  My kids think it’s great that they can crawl right through it. They also love that it is an opportunity to climb to the top and roll down.


RHWAD Khalifa City A Park

There is much more to this park than the big red tubes.  There is a musical playground area, where kids can step on different parts to make sounds and move parts that whistle. Under the covered area a whole lot fun is to be had with a rope jungle gym, a brightly coloured mini ship, monkey bars, and swing set (and baby swings!).  As if that wasn’t enough for the kids, there is also a long climbing frame that is a mini adventure course.  The children navigate through a climbing wall, wobbly steps, rope bridge, and slides.  Swing sets, climbing frames, tube slides – there is enough to keep your kids occupied for hours.  Bring a folding chair, because you are going to be here for a while.



If you wanted to make a long afternoon of it, invite your friends and meet up for a barbecue. There are 2 areas in the park for grilling.  The grill areas include an impressively clean grill and several wooden picnic tables.

RHWAD Khalifa City A Park

RHWAD Khalifa City A


Be sure to bring some soccer balls (or footballs) as there is wide open grassy area for the kids to run and play in as well.


So as you can see, you can keep the entire family entertained for hours at this little gem hidden away in the streets of Khalifa City A.  This park does have clean working toilets – but bring your own TP.

How to get there.

The park is located between 15th and 39th street on the Al Forsan side of Khalifa City A (as opposed to the Masdar side).  If you turn onto 15th street from 16th street (main road with Pink Shops) turn RIGHT onto 30th Street.  Take the FIRST RIGHT and drive down until you see the park on your LEFT.  You can not miss it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.51.09 PMI’d love to hear your thoughts on this park. If it does have an official name – I’d love to know that too. Let me know what you think or if you know of any other amazing parks I should be visiting.