Emirates Park Zoo RHWAD 9I am not one to do big birthday parties for my kids.  In the past the parties have been small gatherings with family and friends.  This year I decided to do the party outside the home.
I  set myself a budget of about 2000 AED.  Why this amount?  If I was hosting at home between the food, the cake, the goody bags, the drink (including adult beverage) I would normally spend this amount.
After looking around at several locations, I decided to have the party at Emirates Park Zoo.  What kid doesn’t like the zoo?
Emirates Park Zoo RHWAD 4The day started out with a tour.  We had an amazing tour guide named Annie.  She knew exactly how to talk to the children to keep them focused and moving along on the tour.  We toured around the zoo, fed the animals, visited the aquarium, watched the African dancers.  There are so many different exotic animals at the zoo.  It was just as entertaining for the parents as it was for the little ones.  The tour ended in the Elephant Feeding Area where the children had the opportunity to feed the elephants.
The party then move into the Pearl Cafe, where the food served up was kid’s favourite chicken and fries, followed by birthday cake.
Emirates Park Zoo RHWAD 5If you decide to do a party at the zoo for your child, you can choose from a selection of options.  I brought my own cake, decorations, and goody bags.  The zoo will give you options for party location, tour options, and food options. There is a restaurant at the zoo which offers food at reasonable rates if you want to get food for the parents.  I used the Subway on site to food for the parents.
Overall I felt this was a such a great option.  The zoo is a magnificent place to visit and is constantly improving.   Everyone – including parents – enjoyed the experience.  With the zoo fees and food (for about 15 children aged 4, plus about 4 siblings under age 2 and  15 parents) and the money spent on decorations, goody bags, cake,  I still came in under budget which I was very happy about.  It was definitely great value and we were satisfied customers.
The Emirates Park Zoo is a beautiful place with all the exotic animals and activities.  I would recommend that even if you are not planning a birthday party in the near future, take the family up to Emirates Park Zoo.  It is a great way to spend the morning or afternoon with the family.  For more information regarding Emirates Park Zoo, please visit their website www.emiratesparkzoo.com.