Being a Stay at Home Mom is not for the weak.

Mani Pedi RHWADI have fantasized about being a Stay At Home Mom for a while.  Whilst I enjoyed my job and what I was doing, there were days when “Mother’s Guilt” would set in and I would long to be with the children.   I also thought being a stay at home mom would allow me the time to enjoy the perks of expat lifestyle here in Abu Dhabi.  You know, the long lunches with friends, lounge by the pool, stay caught up on my mani/pedis.

Finally I got my wish.

You know the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”  Why doesn’t anyone tell you it is so laborious?  Perhaps they have but I just never listened because I was a “working mom” and had my own stuff to deal with.  Come to think about it – my mother in law never misses an opportunity to remind how hard it was for her (without a maid) and two little ones.  So perhaps I have been warned.

Airborne RHWAD 2I used to think I was hard-core. I have ran marathons, jumped out of airplanes, been in combat, and even survived mortar attacks yet not any of this could compare to the difficulty of being a stay at home mom.

I have been at home for about 6 months.  I  still feel new to this.   First of all, I still haven’t figured out why it is called “Stay at Home” because I am never home.  Between school runs, food shopping, various errands, doctors’ appointments, playgroups – there is rarely a morning that I am actually home.

When I am home it is a nonstop barrage of playing in this room, cleaning up that room, cooking dinner, sorting out various household tasks.

Goldie Hawn RHWAD 1There are days when both kids are fighting constantly, whining or crying nonstop for hours on end.  It drives me crazy and why wouldn’t it? These are similar tactics used in Psychological Warfare.  POWs have given up top government secrets in less time that what a mother has to endure daily.  These are the days when I feel like Goldie Hawn’s character in Overboard. Just sitting in a corner mumbling and drooling.  I can’t even string a proper sentence together.

Of course I am not complaining – Yet.   I am just saying it is just a lot more difficult than I expected.

With all the difficulties do come the blessings.  The moments when you may get an unexpected hug or kiss from your little one.  This are the times when it all seems worth it.  Being a mom is a difficult job whether you are working or stay at home.  I am still adjusting.  I know it won’t be forever.  On days when I just want to give up it is those smiling little faces or snotty kisses make it all worthwhile.