Unfortunately, true customer service is rare and uncommon in the UAE.  But I finally found it and boy it was refreshing! This past week I took my kids to baseball camp in Dubai and because the camp ran over three days and two nights, we decided to bunker down in a Dubai hotel so we would ease our commute and relax pool or mall side in the afternoon. We decided on the Kempinski Hotel next to The Mall of the Emirates.

As we pulled into valet my backseat passengers were two sweaty, dirty, stinky kids and I had a trunk full of mismatched luggage.  Not our most elegant arrival to a 5 star hotel.  Regardless Mr. Brython greeted us all the same with a smile and was eager to help!  Each morning he greeted the children and myself by name, helping to load the car with all our baseball paraphernalia wishing the kids the best and sending us on our way.  As we returned each afternoon even the kids were relieved to see him standing in the valet line knowing that he would again make our transition back to the hotel with total ease.  So I want to give a HUGE shout out to a great guy who made this mom’s life easier.

~ Thank you Mr. Brython for BRIGHTENING our stay at the Kempinski Hotel~