This week I was invited down to experience the Mother’s Day package at Anahata Spa in Khalifa City A.  I knew this was an invite I could not ignore. Fortunately for me, it fit in perfectly between the school runs. Everything I am about to tell you about this fabulous spa package reflects my own opinion and experience, however, I have no doubt you will be treated as fantastic as I was.

Nestled away on the side streets of Khalifa City A, Anahata Spa has been around for a long time.  It can be difficult to find, however, it is a worthwhile trip as Anahata has so much to offer its clients than just a good massage or facial.  Once you enter the doors of this villa, you are departing from your busy, hectic schedule and greeted with calm sounds and scents to begin your relaxation journey.

I was here to experience the Pampered Mother Package.  This is a 3 hour treatment.  Can you imagine?  Three whole hours in the spa – without children?!  How divine!  I started my experience with a cup of ginger tea.  If you have ever been to Anahata, they serve the best ginger tea in Abu Dhabi.  It is light and spicy, reminding you that you are in a spa and this is good for your body.  I sat for a few moments in the waiting area.  I am the type of person who is always on the go.  I sat there with my ginger tea thinking about what I needed to do afterwards.  Where I needed to go, what I needed to pick up from Spinneys, what I was going to make for dinner, then I wondered why was I waiting?  I showed up on time.  What are we waiting for?  Let’s go!  What I realise now, is that they were giving me those moments to just sit…relax…calm down…clear my mind. After only a few moments, I am warmly greeted with the first therapist of the day and so begins my 3 hour Pampered Mother Package.

RHWAD Anahata seat

We start with eye brow threading, then head upstairs to an exotic treatment room for a relaxing back massage.  The large room is decked out with exquisite Indian furniture which includes a massive swing right in the centre. Candles flickering in the dimly lit room and music softly playing in the background, I immediately feel relaxed.  I have never been in this particular room before but I have been in the other treatment rooms which may not be as grand, but are equally relaxing.

Whenever I get the chance to sneak away for a back massage, I often think that I need to do this more often.  For the first five minutes of this back massage, my internal dialogue consists of me negotiating how I need to fit it in my schedule more regularly.  It is so beneficial to have your back massaged, especially as you get older (I justify to myself).  It loosens up the stress knots, relieves tension and contributes to your overall well being – and that’s got to be good for you, right?


I am drifting away as the massage continues.  No more internal dialogue.  I am just being, enjoying the moment and feeling happy.  After the back massage we move on to do the Suki Express Facial.  Normally I like a play by play when I get a facial but due to language barrier, my therapist has a hard time to explain each step.  This is not a bad thing.  This allows me to relax and enjoy myself.  To be honest, by this time I was in such a tranquil mood from the back massage, talking was the last thing I want to do.  Though our communication was limited, it was apparent to me that the therapist knows exactly what she was doing.

After the massage and facial is finished, it is time for me to get dressed but I really don’t want to move.  I just want to sit and stay.  That is okay though because we enter into the relaxation room. You can just sit in one of the lush beds until you are ready to move on.  Relaxation room Anahata

We head down to finish off with my manicure/pedicure.  Being back in this room brings back memories of when I first moved to Abu Dhabi.  Back then this villa was the only spa in Khalifa City A. As a newby expat, I used to sit in these massage chairs chatting with my new friends, thinking, “This is the life.”  Years later, although those friends have moved on, my sentiments are the same “This is the life!”

RHWAD Anahata ManiWe are nearly finished.  I don’t even remember where I needed to go, what I needed to get at the shop, and really…who care’s what’s for dinner?  I am completely relaxed and enjoying myself.

Unfortunately reality did set in. I realise that I have to pick up my son from school for a doctor’s appointment.  We don’t have time to finish with the Kevin Murphy Hair Treatment.  It doesn’t matter to me because I know I will be back.  I also spied a very talented and sought after hair dresser now working here, so I will definitely be back!

I left feeling energised and content and ready to take on the rest of the week.  I highly recommend taking advantage of Anahata Spa’s March Promotion.  As busy moms and housewives, we need to take time for ourselves every now and then.  Here is the perfect opportunity – Mother’s Day (March 21)! An added bonus on Mother’s Day, you can receive a FREE 15 minute consultation with a Life Coach.  You need to register for that session, if you are interested.

Take a look below to see which package best suits your time schedule.  The offer is valid for the entire month of March. Go on, treat yourself!

March Anahata


Remember I mentioned that it can be difficult to find.  If you click here you will be directed to a location map for Anahata Spa.


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