We all could use a little Glamour in our lives.  This month we meet Rita Bains, the owner of Glamour Hair Salon.  This savvy businesswoman is making waves in the salon industry here in the UAE winning the What’s On Award for 2012 and 2013 for Best Salon in Abu Dhabi with more nominations for 2014.  What an amazing accomplishment in such a short time.  Aspiring businesswomen could learn a lot from Rita.  By her example, we can see that it is POSSIBLE  to run a successful business despite all the stumbling blocks that have put many women off.  We are in awe and love her!  Glamour Hair Salon is located in Al Danah with a new branch opening soon in Al Zeina.  If you want to look fabulous or should I say….Glamourous, be sure to head down to a location near you.

Describe yourself in three words:

Ambitious, Giving, Passionate

What do you consider your greatest professional achievement?

Moving to the UAE was a life changing experience. I made the move 15 years ago when I took an opportunity to work with a high profile family in Abu Dhabi. I also become involved in several charitable organisations and became a proud board member of Make A Wish Foundation UAE. All of these successes lead me to my greatest accomplishment, building my own brand Glamour Hair Salon. With my second salon set to open very soon, I could have never imagined the magnitude of success I have received and I owe it all to the UAE!

How do you stay connected through social media?

I love social media, sometimes a little too much. We depend on technology so much these days; therefore even on the go I’m always checking Tweets, FaceBook Feeds, Instagram and whatever else that keeps me in the loop. It also keeps me connected to not only to family and friends, but my business. I believe in today’s day and age, it is a vital tool for any growing business.

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

That’s a good one! Just recently I took my passion for hair and beauty to another level and have enrolled to become a fully qualified hairdresser myself. It may be a surprise to few being the owner of Glamour Hair Salons. Now not only can I be behind the scenes but maybe even on the shop floor!

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

That’s a hard one, but my life is all about steadily balancing my many jobs with my family life. I try to keep business separate but when you’re a business owner it’s hard.

Glamour RHWAD logoWhat websites do you visit every day?

Yahoo News to stay updated with what’s happening the world and social media sites as a lot of my business runs through various social platforms. I also follow many industry beauty blogs in order to follow new trends in the market.

Who is your hero and how have they helped make you who you are today?

Family. They are the only people that will tell you as it is. Family is also not afraid to provide the reality of when you make a mistake and the praise when you do something good.

What are your top 3 favorite people/places/things in Abu Dhabi?

Friends are definitely in the top 3. Friends here become your family, as an expat country you need friends as most people come to the UAE for a great tax free income.

Charity is another one, giving back is so important especially to the organisations that are dear to you. There’s always an opportunity to give back here in Abu Dhabi.

There are so many up and coming places in Abu Dhabi, but I love the feel of Yas Island. There are so many great activities to do and it’s only getting better.

 What is your goal for retirement?

My main goal is to be healthy, fit and strong. Like most people, it would be great to be financially secure. I also have a dream of owning a country cottage retreat back in England where I can host for family and friends.

 Do you have any advice for women who would like to start their own company Abu Dhabi?

Never give up! If things are always easy then the outcome will not be as rewarding when you come to achieving a lifetime goal. For me, my goals have been to continually build my businesses and build them successfully. I’ve learnt the key is to set yourself apart from others, be different and work hard.

How did you come up with your idea to start your company?

Like a lot of women here in Abu Dhabi, a good hairdresser can be hard to find. I’ve been to many salons and find myself disappointed because they have not listened to what I want. In 2010 I began my research and found there were not many Expat European salons. I did my homework and fathomed the realistic expectation of opening a salon in Abu Dhabi, one that would succeed. I came up with the idea of Glamour Hair Salon and recruiting British hairdressers to bring a different flavour and style to the market. Putting it together was not easy with the legalities here, but by staying consistent and motivated I built my dream salon.

What challenges as a business owner have you had to overcome and how?

Not speaking Arabic has definitely been a challenge. I’ve had to rely on people to ensure I have everything perfected and done correctly when it came to legalities and such. As I’m a very self-sufficient individual, I found myself frustrated many a times. Abu Dhabi is not the speediest of places either when it comes to completing a project or documentation. So be patient and it’s sure to work out!

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Never think negative! Why fail? I don’t intend to, I only believe in hard work and success.

What do you have up your sleeve that we can expect for the future?

My mind is always buzzing with fresh ideas! For now, we’re so excited to open our ultra-luxurious Glamour Hair Salon in Al Zeina. The new salon is set to offer a number of exciting new services that I feel will really touch base with the Al Zeina community. We’ve also collaborated with UK Celebrity Stylist, Jamilla Paul, who will be joining us on a regular basis to provide new VIP and Bridal Services. So many exciting things to come!

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