The Real Housewives were recently invited to check out Maven Spa in Al Wadha Mall.  Personally I had never visited a Spa in a mall before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Well it turned out to be a little slice of heaven.
Maven Spa RHWAD 13From the second you walk into Maven Spa from the busy corridors of Al Wadha mall, you enter into a peaceful relaxing atmosphere.  The decor, the candles, the soft lighting, the background music and the lingering aroma of lemongrass – it is hard for someone to not immediately feel at ease and relaxed.
Maven Spa RHWAD 14There are so many fantastic treatments to choose from.  For this visit, I selected the Mind and Body Aromatherapy Massage.  This is a 60 minute full body massage that guarantees to balance inner and outer self.  As I am pregnant, this treatment was perfect for me.  The therapist ensured I was completely comfortable with the room temperature and music before we began.  This massage was so relaxing.  The scent of the Rose and Geranium oil used was very therapeutic.   In this tranquil environment,  my mind went from planning my next shopping trip to falling into a light sleep quite quickly.
After my massage, I tried the Traditional Asian Spa Facial.  This facial uses only all natural ingredients.  One of the ointments used was Candlenut.  I haven’t used this before and it did have a nutty scent to it.  This was followed by cucumber juice, an aloe vera scrub, and then an aloe vera mask.  These combination of nature ingredients  are used to cleanse, refine, restore and hydrate the skin.  My face felt great when it was finished.
Maven Spa RHWAD 10As a busy mom, our senses and thoughts are always in overdrive whether it is planning the next playdate, next meal, food shopping, the list can go on and on.  For me, when I finally make time to relax I need to make sure I actually do relax.  Having the spa located in Al Wadha mall was so convenient for me.   I was able to drop kids off to play at Wanasa Land, go have my treatment, grab some lunch, pick up my favorite coffee all before heading home.  A pretty successful day for me.  Having the treatment in the midst of that just made me feel more relaxed and happy.  I will definitely be booking again.
If you are looking for the perfect place to unwind, a visit to Maven Spa is a must!