Recently I registered for Marhababy.  As an expectant mother I had heard about Marhababy at our recent Palmer’s Wellness Day.  Gift box with free samples – sounds good to me.  I just had to sign up and find out more.

It was so easy!  I registered through the website. When you register you can select which location you want to pick up your box from and there are over 39 different locations to choose from in the UAE.  This free gift box is only for pregnant residents of the UAE.

Marhababy was founded last year by Eveline Sleeboom as a way to bring useful information  to help new and expectant moms in the UAE ease into the world of motherhood.  What you will find when you visit their website at is everything relating to pregnancy and family, includingthe latest deals and products.  You are able to sign up for the Marhababy Mom Alerts to keep up to date with any new offers or information.
About a week after registering, I received an email notifying me that the box was ready to be picked up.  What I found inside was samples of suitable products which included Palmer’s lotion, Johnson’s baby shampoo, nappies, and laundry detergent.  It also had discount vouchers for Baby Shop which will come in handy, credit for a baby registry with, 20% discount voucher for Shippey Photography and an issue of Good Housekeeping Middle East (which I was super excited about), however, as a big fan of Good Housekeeping I already had that issue.
It doesn’t matter what nationality you are, when it comes to pregnancy,one experiences a mix of emotions ranging from scary to exciting.  Having a website that is based out of UAE updated with information relevant to this region can bring a sense of comfort.  This helps new moms learn what brands are good for them to use – even if they are not familiar with them from their own country.   If you would like to know more before registering, please visit the website or the Facebook page.