1000307_482133408550849_658341037_nWith 3 little kids in the house, heading out to the shops can prove to be quite a hassle.  Someone is always crying, hungry or having to go to the toilet.  This has made me more keen about online shopping.  I recently heard about Mini Exchange.  I took a look at the website and could not believe all of the top fashion brands available – and the prices were amazing! I had to find out more.

Mini Exchange is a online shop where parents can buy or sell clothing.  What started out with only 600 items on line has now over 5000 items to choose from and it’s all favourite brands – Ralph Lauren, D & G, Gingersnaps, Monsoon – the list goes on and on.  Mini Exchange has also partnered with several international brands which means that there are great bargains to be had all the time! No more rushing out to catch the sale.

Navigating around the shop is very simple.  You can browse all the inventory if you like or you can narrow down your search to what you are looking for (example: Girls, 4year, dresses).  I have 2 little girls so I was able to choose 2 different sizes in the same category which allowed me to shop for both girls at the same time.  You can shop by Brand if you are looking for something particular.  There are various search options but one thing is for sure –  You will spend quite a while on the site.  There is so much to choose from!

What is new and what isn’t?  On the website you will see a “NEW” icon on all of the items that are actual new – never been used items.  If the item does not have that, then it means that the item is pre-loved but in mint condition.  Because all of the items have to pass the Mini Exchange quality check it is hard to tell the difference between the two.

wpid-20140721_145434.jpgWhat did I buy?  I spent so much time looking.  First thing I put in my basket was a new pair of black Stride Rite shoes for my son.  These proved to be a great quality shoe surviving the entire school year intact.  Last year I spent 250 AED at the shop – This year – 100 AED at Mini Exchange.  School shoes sorted! I also purchased a top, skirt, shoes, and a dress for the girls.  Girls are so much more fun to shop for.

The best bit about using this website is that you don’t have to wait forever for your items to arrive.  They will arrive the next business day which is super convenient.  I love this website.  It definitely will not be the last time I order from Mini Exchange.   Check out the website now.  When shopping use promotional code RHWAD for an additional 20% off your total order.

Want to sell?

Instead of trying to sell your clothing piece by piece on numerous Facebook pages, waiting around for people to turn up only to try to haggle the already pre agreed price – Why not sell your items on Mini Exchange?  The process is quite easy and saves you a lot of time.