Recently I had the opportunity to try the Kenzi Mask at Silkor.  I have been a customer of Silkor previously but had never the chance to try a facial.  My postpartum hormones still have not settled and my face has been acting a bit like it did during my teenage years.  I have very sensitive skin and seem to be prone to  break outs lately.  Not a happy combination.

What is the Kenzi Mask?  Well it is an effective exfoliating facial combined of 2 treatments – the Diamond Micro Dermabrasion and the fruit mask. The dermabrasion effect in Kenzi stimulates blood circulation and activates collagen and elastin production; as well it removes dead cells and provides glow inducing quality of revitalization. The fruit mask provides a very high moisturizing effect, nourishes, and soothes the skin; in addition, it tightens pores, reduces inflammation, and balances the skin sebum secretion.

Upon arrival for the treatment I speak with a specialist to discuss which option would be best for my skin.  After a thorough examination of my face, it is determined that the best mask for my combination skin would be a Vitamin C mask.

Whenever I hear microdermabrasion I think of some sort of sandpaper type of machine just scrubbing away at the face.  What I did not expect was a tiny tube that exfoliated my skin as it sucked away the dead skin. It felt like a straw vacuuming my face.  It was painless! I was pleasantly surprised.  I even asked twice just to make sure, “This is the Microdermabrasion part, right?”  After the microdermabrasion my face was treated with a lovely strawberry cream to rejuvenate and calm the skin.  Gauze is applied on over the cream.  This left me feeling a bit apprehensive but I just relaxed.  The Vitamin C mask is gently applied and left to dry.

RHWAD SIlkor Kenzi 1jpg  wpid-20140922_133243.jpg

With the sweet aromas from the mask it is easy to relax but then I was treated to a hand and arm massage given by my therapist.  It was tranquil bliss.  After the mask is hardened it is removed.  To touch it feels like a cast over your face but is easily removed because the gauze holds it all together.  Once removed you are left with the hard shell of your face.  It looks a bit like some sort of funky art project.

wpid-20140923_192602.jpgFor post procedure I was given a packet which included 2 serums and sunscreen.  The serums were:  Phyto Corrective – This  is an oil free botanical extract that soothes, calms and hydrates the skin and Phloretin CF which is a serum that diminishes age spots whilst accelerating cell renewal.  The pack also contained a SPF50 Skinceuticals Mineral sunscreen.

wpid-20140922_140436.jpgWhat did I think overall?  Honestly, this was one of the best facials I have ever had.   It is amazing how smooth my skin felt afterwards.  I am not talking hours, I mean days.  My skin is still glowing.  I have been told before that my pores can not be diminished (I have super large pores) but this facial DID reduce the size of my pores.  Impressive.  I was told I only needed to use the post procedure kit for a few days but I am still using until it runs out as I want this glow to last as long as possible.  And why wouldn’t I?   I have been getting so many compliments from friends and family this week – I feel I can take on the world.

This facial may be a bit pricey at 1000AED but the results are worth every dirham.  It is not your ordinary facial as it includes Diamond Microdermabrasion.  Right now there is an Eid Buy One Get One special on at Silkor – so you must take advantage!  For this price you will get 2 Kenzi facials but you need to hurry as this offer is valid only until October 12th.  The facial takes about an hour and I promise you will love the results!  Silkor have 2 locations in Abu Dhabi. One in Khalidiyah and another branch in Khalifa City A.  Let us know what you think.