This week a few Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi took some time to make Christmas cards. This workshop was led by two lovely Abu Dhabi Housewives Lizette Lehmkuhl and Laurie Nelson. Both ladies have been creating their own cards for years which made them the perfect instructors for this occasion.



The Housewives gathered to create 6 pre planned designs.   Lizette and Laurie showed the ladies the correct stamping techniques, how to put the different parts of cards together, and application of Swarovski crystals.  Yes, Swarovski.  These were swanky cards!

The ladies were hard at work for several hours with all the intricate detailing that goes into making a card.  It is easy to underestimate how much hard work goes into only 1 handmade Christmas card unless you done it yourself.

The sense of accomplishment when finished is evident!

This was a lovely event that was enjoyed by all. We may have to organize another one for the next holiday! Take a look below at the final 6 designs.