Let your sense of enchantment take flight and your imagination soar. Commission Love Fairy Mama to create a bespoke fairy in the likeness of a favorite loved one, pet, hero… in fact anything that takes your fancy.

Love Fairy Mama is the brainchild of Scottish artist and miniaturist Sharon Milne Castell, whose incredible eye for detail and ability to fabricate astonishing, fairy-sized facsimiles or caricatures is uncanny.

Utilizing unique, organic materials for each commission, a Love Fairy Mama fairy will bring much joy to the recipient. And as such, these tiny mementos of time, place or of relationships make a lasting bond between giver and receiver by way of an unforgettable gift.

Ideal for Christmas (as tree decorations), birthdays, graduations, celebrations, memorable family events or just about anything you can think of, Sharon can produce a fairy that perfectly personifies the subject.

Sharon’s little people can be created as individual figurines, or even placed in a framed tableaux. Nothing is beyond her unique skills, artistry, or imagination. Just ask! As such, Love Fairy Mama brings a whole new angle to the art of gift-giving.

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