Lifefactory Real Housewives of Abu DhabiIt has been heating up in Abu Dhabi and it’s only going to get hotter.  It is the time of year where your water bottle is only an arms length away (or at least it should be).  I have a new favourite when it comes to water bottles.  Well to be honest – it is more of a family favourite.

I was given a few Lifefactory water bottles to try from the company Non-toxic Source about a two months ago.  Non Toxic Source is dedicated to bringing eco-friendly and non toxic products to the UAE. Lifefactory is one of the brands that they carry.

Lifefactory water bottles are made of glass and are protected with a BPA/BPS-free medical grade silicone sleeve.  To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive when I found out they were glass – despite the protective sleeve.  We use a lot of plastic in our house – plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic water bottles. With little kids in the house and hard ceramic floors, plastic is most practical.   I was skeptical of the protective sleeve, convinced one of the kids would surely find a way to break the bottle, however, I was completely won over after a week of using the Lifefactory bottles.  Is the protective sleeve enough?  It seems to be.  My kids and I have been using these water bottles every single day since we received them. They have been banged around and dropped and still just a good as the day we received them.  They are a bit heavier to carry around but that doesn’t change my opinion.  I love it and my kids love it.


Lifefactory bottles are available in several sizes (22 oz, 16 oz, 12 oz and 9 oz) with a variation of top – Straw cap or Flip cap.  There is also a variety of different colors for the sleeve.  The silicone sleeve protector is the best thing about the bottle.  Not only does it protect from breaking, but its non slip grip is perfect for those little fingers.  The unique design of the sleeve gives the bottle a chic look.  The look of the bottle is what attracted my kids (seriously – kids aren’t bothered if it is glass or plastic).  Now they don’t want to use any other water bottle.  For those with babies, Lifefactory also have a range of baby bottles too.


What is so special about these bottles?  Using glass removes any worry about toxins seeping in after so many uses because it is BPA/BPS free.  I can’t even tell you how many times we have left water in the car and had to throw away (because of the heat).  The whole “don’t drink water left in a hot car,” does not apply.  Of course I am not advocating you leaving in the hot car, but I am just saying you if you did, you won’t have to worry.  It is completely safe for you and your little ones.  Also keep in mind, glass bottles are easy to clean and sterilise (thinking baby bottles).  You can reuse or repurpose these bottles.  It has me rethinking my entire plastic usage.  I highly recommend you give Lifefactory a try.

Where can you get your own Lifefactory bottles?  Thanks to Non-Toxic Source, Lifefactory products are available in Abu Dhabi at Db Babies in Al Wadha Mall and Organics Food & Cafe in Nation Tower.  Be sure to follow Non-Toxic Source on Facebook to keep up to date with where they will pop up next in Abu Dhabi.  If online shopping is more your thing, then check out the Lifefactory products on

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