wpid-2014-04-01-11-40-13-1699569985.jpegI am not sure why I have waited so long to go to Ferrari World.  I have two small children (ages 3 and 1) so I had heard that there is not much for them to do there.   It is still just a little too hot to take kids out mid afternoon (we had tried an outdoor excursion the previous afternoon that ended in tantrums and tears – and that was just from me).  My husband and I could not motivate ourselves to spend yet another afternoon in Wanasa Land, Fun City or Sparky’s.  Not even with the promise of a pre-stop Starbucks. So we decided, “Let’s go to Ferrari World!”

My son has been asking to go for months now.  So we decided not to tell him and let it be a surprise.  The excitement build up  was more fun for us as parents but we were instantly deflated when upon entering Ferrari World my son says, “I want to go to Fun City.”  Parent of the Year nomination down the drain.

wpid-ferrari-world-theme-park-driving-school.jpgI was pleasantly surprised to find out that children 3 and under enter the park for free.  So that meant I needed to only pay for myself and my husband but with my entertainer voucher, I only paid for 1 entry.  We were off to a good start.

The venue itself is really amazing.  It is spacious, cool and all the plants create a calming pseudo outdoor environment.   There is a wide selection of food outlets, displays and shops.  The layout is easy to understand and to navigate with a stroller.

Now for children under 3 there is not much that the kids can do ride wise.  That being said we managed to fill 5 hours at the park.  We rode a few rides, saw the show RED which was quality, and spent most of our time in the Junior Training Camp.  This is where they had a play area that my kids did not want to leave.   My husband even got a chance to sneak off to ride the Formula Rossa.

Overall we all had a FANTASTIC day out.  I was glad that each person in my family enjoyed the day out at Ferrari World.  I would recommend for young families to visit.  There is something for everyone to do.  For more information about the park timings, events and prices, be sure to check out the websitewww.ferrariworldabudhabi.com.  Plan you next little adventures and don’t forget to bring your entertainer vouchers!

This is not a sponsored post, only my personal recommendation.