Recently the Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi decided to get together for a more adventurous morning. We have to make the most of the fabulous weather and instead of sitting poolside, we decided to get out on the jet skis to see familiar parts of Abu Dhabi from a different perspective. One of our housewives, Jessica, had organised this outing as she regularly heads out on the jet ski whenever she gets the chance.

RHWAD_112333We headed on down to the canal in Bain Al Jessrain, also known as Between Two Bridges. We met up with Hammed and Ahmed, owners of Sea Biker Jet Ski and Boat Rental. They had arranged for us to use 2015 Yamaha Super Charged Wave Runner.  For novices, like myself, all this means is that it goes fast, really fast, quickly.  We watched as Mamun – the Jet Ski Associate – lowered all the jet skis into the water.  The excitement was building as most of us hadn’t ridden before.  Mamun made sure all the necessary paperwork was signed (you know, the typical insurance type paperwork) and two of us handed in our IDs for them to hold until we returned.

Before embarking on our little adventure, we were given instructions on how to use by Mamun.  Our resident expert, Jessica, was able to explain to us the instructions a second time just to make sure everyone knew what they were doing before heading out into the water.  It is pretty simple.  The jet ski should only go forward, go faster through the waves, this button to turn on, this to turn off, this button to go forward, etc.  We were given our life jackets to wear and each jet ski had a compartment to put our phones in.  Can’t go on a trip like this and not get any evidence.  Jessica had the number of Mamun on her phone – just in case a jet ski were to break down.  If that were the case, he would be out to assist.  Mamun knew the route we were going so if anything should happen, we would be found easily.

RHWAD-WA0008One by one each rider was given a quick demonstration of jet ski as we got on our seats.  Mamun then pushed us into the water and we were ready. Turn on the engine and go. We stayed in the canal, riding around for about 10 minutes to get familiar with the jet ski.  Once all the ladies were out in the canal practicing different speeds and turns, we headed out towards the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.  It was a mixture of fear and excitement as we headed out of the small canal.  I noticed at that point Mamun was on his jet ski as well.  He was just making sure everyone was good to go.

We headed towards Sheikh Zayed Mosque – which is a great place for pictures – before heading under Mussaffah Bridge and out towards the bigger canal that goes to Bateen Bridge.  By this point Mamun was satisfied that everyone knew how to ride the jet ski and he headed back.  The plan was to ride to Bateen Bridge and back.  We made our way out to the canal that leads to Bateen Bridge but the water was very choppy.  After about 10 minutes, we realised we weren’t experienced enough riders to go the entire distance.  Well, actually Jessica made the call.  Thank goodness she had the sense to tell us to turn around.  There were a few times when I was a bit apprehensive and it seemed like such hard work making our way through the waves.  I was covered in salt and afraid I was going to come off of a wave wrong. I wasn’t sure if that was normal so I just kept riding. No one wants to be the person who says, “I can’t do this!”  We turned around and made a detour through Mussaffah canal.  The water was a lot less choppy making it easier and fun to ride.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.29.34 PM

The more confident we got, the faster we rode.  It was so much fun!  Whilst Mussaffah is not the most aesthetically pleasing place to ride through, I saw some flamingos on the side and flying overhead.  Was not expecting to see that. We rode out for about 15 minutes before turning around to ensure we were back to the starting canal in time.  Riding back was fabulous.  Whilst we were riding in a group, you have an amazing individual experience.  This is an activity I plan on doing a lot  more of.


Lucky for us upon our return, we were given a tour of the canal by Shangri La and Al Qurm on the boat.  Talk about a morning of living the high life. Some girls have all the luck, eh?  Fancy taking the boat out yourself.  This boat rents for only 600 AED an hour.  Get a few couples together and that is an awesome price.


If you want to try jet skiing yourself, just head down to the canal in Bain Al Jessrain heading towards Shangri La Hotel.  There are no signs but you will see all the jet skis on the side of the canal.  Look for Mamun.  Tell him you read about Sea Biker Jet Ski and Boat Rental from Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi and he will give you a great deal.  You should expect to pay between 200-250 AED for a super charged jet ski (depending on your negotiating skills) and about 150-200 for an older non super charged jet ski – depending on year of model.  Regular price is 300 AED for an hour for supercharged or 150 for an older model of jet ski (these do not go as fast).  To arrange your rental give Mamun a call at 050 513 0254.


We all had a fantastic morning.  I think we will have to organise an event like this on a regular basis.  You’ll definitely have to join us the next time around.