toddler_preschoolWhether your little tot is returning to preschool for another year, or attending for the first time, there are ways to make the transition an easier one for you and your child.

Teach your tot to speak up

Your child probably has no difficulty expressing to you when he/she is hungry, or need to use the toilet. However, when he/she needs to tell the teacher, it can be difficult to get her attention with 15 or more other toddlers running around. Teach him to walk up to the teacher and ask for help. Practice with him at home, repetition will build confidence.

Get them excited

As the first day of preschool approaches, start talking to your toddler about what their new routine will be like. Some kids don’t like the idea of being away from mommy. Be excited so they will feel like it is something fun to look forward to. Let them pick out a school bag (backpacks are best), and let them choose a new lunch box. If you live close to the preschool, talk a walk or a drive and as you pass, point and say “Look, that’s where you will be having fun and learning soon”. Another great way to get them excited is to go shopping for new school clothes. Toddlers don’t need uniforms, but a few new items of clothing can make the experience seem more special. Let them pick out some shorts for boys, or skirts for girls, and a few tees and tanks. A nice new pair of sandals or trainers will also help them to feel good when they go to school.

Create routines

Get your pre-schooler into the habit of tidying up after themselves. When playtime is over, teach them to sort and pack toys away. Set up bins and add some labels for different types of toys. For example: Legos in one bin, dolls or action figures in a separate bin, and so on. Work with your tot to teach them to put each toy away in its correct spot. They will remember this when they do the same at school.

There is so much more involved with getting your toddler ready for preschool, but start with the simpler ones, and work your way through. You will eventually discover what works best for you and your little one.