Over the summer my 3 year old son has evolved from watching anything Disney to become a massive Marvel Avengers/X-men/Spiderman fan.   As parents, this was a welcomed change from cartoons.  Who will complain about watching Wolverine over and over again?  So when we heard that there was a Superhero brunch we knew it was a must for our family.

Holiday Inn RHWAD 4.jpegThe Holiday Inn is a 4 star hotel located on the corner of 2nd street (Airport Road) and 31st Street.   The brunch was held in the Silk Route Café on the mezzanine floor.   Upon arrival all the Superhero staff greeted each guest.  My son was dressed as Batman so we took a few moments to take pictures with all the different superheroes.  There was Batman and Robin, Spiderman, Captain America, Ironman and a few others.  There was so much excitement from all the children.   The staff were very accommodating.

Holiday Inn RHWAD 1.jpegWhilst the restaurant was smaller than I expected, the bright atmosphere and décor made the restaurant feel spacious and welcoming.  The food display was adequate with enough variation to cover all tastes buds. You could find various salads, seafood, sushi, meats, curries, desserts, and cheese.  They also had a frozen yogurt drink on offer that was a favorite at my table.

wpid-2014-04-01-11-30-04-1215515138.jpegNow the best part for the parents – a play room called Kid Zone.  Need I say more?   I have not attended a brunch that has a proper playroom in Abu Dhabi ever.  Kid Zone had two televisions (one for playing games, the other for movies), bean bags, arts and crafts, face painting, clowns with balloons and a kid’s buffet.  The staff were very involved with the children ensuring everyone was having fun.  My son loved the Kid Zone which meant, for once, my husband and I were able to relax a bit, have a conversation that didn’t get interrupted every minute.

Prior to this brunch I would not have put Holiday Inn and Brunch in the same sentence….well I don’t ever really put kids and brunch in same sentence, however, this turned out to be a stress free relaxing day for us.   The Holiday Inn will be having more themed brunches in the future.   To ensure you don’t miss out on any future events at the Holiday Inn be sure to like their Abu Dhabi facebook page www.facebook.com/HIAUH .

Holiday Inn Family Brunch 2