This month Housewives of Abu Dhabi met up to enjoy breakfast together at Market Kitchen in Le Royal Meridien.  Not only was it an opportunity to meet new people but the women walked away with some inspiring tips from Randa, Founder of Be You International.

Housewives Abu Dhabi 737Randa asked us how do we deal with our own happiness?  She then went on to tell us that we are in control of our own thoughts.  Silence.  She stopped talking.

What was happening?  Did I miss something?  What am I making for dinner tonight?  Ok.  I need to pick up some fruit for lunch boxes after this.  I need to speak to Sally before she leaves today.  Oh look a hair on my leg.  How did I miss that? Why isn’t Randa still not talking?  OMG Is this going to bomb?

Not at all. Just an exercise. Randa wanted us to recognise what is going on in our minds.  After some ladies shared what was going on in their minds, Randa told us this:  We are in control of our thoughts.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. All of our mental clutter can either come from a place of fear or love. Clearly, mine was coming from fear at that particular moment.  Our thoughts can have a direct effect on how we feel, react to stress and our overall physical health.

Wonder womanAll of the women we asked to stand in a super hero pose and close their eyes.  Taking a moment to relax, take a few deep breaths. She explained scientific study has shown that those who do this power pose for 2 minutes a day has a direct effect on one’s hormone levels – cortisol in particular. Doing this for 2 minutes a day will make one feel more confident, happy and able to cope with whatever daily stress comes our way.

After we did this exercise, Randa went on to explain 3 ways to change a situation that we are unhappy with.  I would tell you but I can’t give all her secrets away.  What I will tell you about is our last exercise which left everyone feeling happy.  Randa had everyone open their arms really wide.  We had to hug everyone for at least 6 seconds.  What may have started off a bit awkward, had everyone smiling and feeling great afterwards.  That is because this releases oxytocin (aka the love hormone) within our bodies.  Oxytocin relieves stress and anxiety in our bodies naturally so when you want to feel good – go on and hug someone.  They will feel good too.

Housewives Abu Dhabi 718

After speaking to the ladies for a half hour, Randa closed with these last thoughts:

  • Take care of your body
  • Take care of your mind
  • Take care of your soul

Randa specializes in helping people find their strengths.  She will give you the push you need to view your life in a different perspective.  Her motto is that she is Powered by Passion and her passion will rub off on you.  If you are interested in finding out more about Be You International or if you would like to register for any of Randa’s upcoming seminars Happyness101, Enough is Enough (a weeklong retreat in Sri Lanka), or a World Powered by Passion please visit her website:

It was a fantastic morning that ended with a great raffle.  We had fantastic prizes all courtesy of our raffle sponsors Smallprint Abu Dhabi, Bodytree Studio, Laurie Nelson (autographed copy of her book), Be You International, Style Team and our from our hosts Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi.

Vanessa and I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all of our sponsors, our hosts Le Royal Meridien, and to Mary Ann from Flare Photographic services who are our official photo partners for our 2015-2016 events.  If you love the photos taken, be sure to check out Flare Photographic Facebook page. If you need a photographer, tell them your from Housewives of Abu Dhabi for an INCREDIBLE discount. A big thank you to Juliet and her team at Market Kitchen.  The spread they put on was so varied and delicious. I am still thinking about those vegetable samosas and the fresh spicy mint yogurt sauce. Thank you to Sherril from Le Royal Meridien who organised the event for us and took all the ladies on a tour afterwards.

Lastly – Thank you to all the beautiful women who came and attended our event today.  Without you this would not be happening.  We look forward to hugging you all next month!