Ferrari World through the Eyes of a Tween Aged Girl!

Going to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi was a lot of fun!  My girls scout troop and I went on a lot of awesome rides and saw many cool things.  One of my favorite rides was the V12 water ride where you can go through the engine.  It was so spooky because of the dark and the surprise drops.  In all it was a great experience for roller-coaster lovers and people who like to have fun.

I enjoyed every second I spent at Ferrari World.  The Speed of Magic was really fun so was the Bell’italia ride.  I also enjoyed the “V12” but I got a bit scared when we zoomed down the hill.  I also liked the food I had for dinner.  It was a great trip with my friends. Age 12 Little Blonde Girl

I went to Ferrari World and I had a lot of fun with my friends, we went on  a lot of different rides. My favorite was the Speed of Magic.  When you go on the V12 be prepared to get little wet. There are a lot of restaurants you can choose from.  Over all it was a really fun trip.  Age 11 Hana


Ferrari World is cool and fast.  It has cool rides.  But, if you are scared of roller coasters and heights this is no place for you. It has a few gentle rides, but some of them are boring like how the Ferrari was build.  If you like cars (like me) it’s okay even though it didn’t have good blue prints.  The V12 ride was AWESOME and the Bell’italia was cool.  I can’t wait to go to Italy. Age 11 Storm101