TNS RHWAD EssieIt takes nothing short of a miracle to make regular nail polish last more than 24 hours on my hands without getting chipped. This is why in the past I have avoided fingernail polish.  As a busy mom of 3 I generally use colour for the pedicure and just have a buff and shine for the manicure. This past week I tried Essie Gel Everlasting Manicure at The Nail Spa in Eastern Mangroves Promenade.

This manicure is done in about an hour which is quite quick considering each layer on each finger needs to be put into the Essie UV lamp for 30 seconds each.  There are 3 layers that are applied: the gel base, gel colour and gel topcoat.  The base coat is a keratin base which protects the nail so your nail will actually be stronger and healthier.  There are so many different colours to choose from the gel colour that it nearly took me an hour to decide.

wpid-20140924_121524.jpgThe Nail Spa staff treat you like a VIP from the moment you walk in the door.  I was greeted by everyone.  I found the customer service to be professional but warm and inviting. They made me feel as if I was the special person they had been waiting for all day.  I immediately felt comfortable.  If they make everyone feel like this, it is no wonder they were nominated this year as one of Abu Dhabi’s Best Spa.

Whilst I was having my Essie Gel manicure done, I was surprised to find out all of the treatments that are available.  Despite being called The Nail Spa you can actually choose from a variety of treatments including facials and massages.  To have a browse through the menu, it is easy to plan out an entire morning of pampering.

When my manicure was finished I was so pleased with the results.  The motto is “Just Be Beautiful” and with my shiny nails I did feel that way.  To be honest, I had such a great experience that I returned the following day to get a pedicure done.  Next time I will definitely book it together.

wpid-20140923_103340.jpg  TNS RHWAD After

This past week I have done dishes, cleaned, typed, and after it all my nails still look great.  They look just like they did the moment I left the salon.  It’s fantastic.  The Everlasting Gel Manicure cost 150 AED at all locations of The Nail Spa (Eastern Mangroves, Al Wadha Mall and World Trade Centre Abu Dhabi).   If you have never been before, you must try.  Head down to The Nail Spa and judge for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.