If you think it is too hot to head to the beach – think again.  I recently spent the day at Saadiyat Beach Club and I all I can say is  “WOW!”  I have been meaning to get down there all year but haven’t made the time.  When I got the call to go down and check it out, it was an offer I could not refuse.

With the temperatures sky rocketing in Abu Dhabi during June, you would think a day at the beach doesn’t seem so enticing.  The heat is already so overwhelming – especially mid day.  The few moments it takes to walk to and from the car is about all I can bear. Knowing this, I still decided to brave the heat and check out Saadiyat Beach Club and it was worth it!

RHWAD 095939Just driving into Saadiyat Beach Club can put you at ease.  The front of the club is welcoming. With beautiful palm trees, a quiet fountain and big welcoming door lets you know that this is going to be an great day at the beach. You can’t help but feel grand and you enter this private oasis. Upon entering into the main lobby I felt the cool air on my face, and the light scent of lemon grass and soft music filled the air. I was filled with child-like excitement anticipating a relaxing, kid free day by the pool. A mini escape from my normal day to day routine.

I arrived straight from the gym, so I had to use the facilities to shower and change.  The locker room at the Saadiyat Beach Club is divine.  It is part of the Spa which in itself is its own little haven. One could easily spend the entire day just in there.  A separate seating area where you can relax with magazine or watch TV, a large jacuzzi, steam and sauna with a cold salt water pool between them.  Lounge chairs both indoor and out door by the jacuzzi.  I really wished I had more time as the lounge chairs looked so inviting. The changing room had everything one could need (towels, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant – just to name a few).

I met one of my girlfriends in the main lobby before heading out to a cabana by the pool.  As we sat in our cabana, right next to the pool overlooking the white sand of the beach with light blue sea in the distance.  It was one of those Abu Dhabi “This is the life” moments.  We had to just sit for a few moments to enjoy the view before we could start to chat and catch up with each other.

RHWAD 104958

Before long we were making our way into the long infinity pool.  The water was perfect.  It didn’t matter which way you looked the incredible calming view of horizon is impossible to ignore.  There was just no way to be uncomfortable.  Lounging in the pool is the best way to distract one from the mercury rising. After our dip in the pool, we headed back to the cabana to enjoy the breeze and the amazing view.

RHWAD 102350

What a difference being next to the ocean makes!  Not once did I have the uncomfortably hot and sticky feeling I have become accustomed during this past month. With a constant breeze, the heat from the sun is welcomed as you are sitting in the shade, sipping a fruity beverage next to a temperature controlled pool overlooking the pristine coastline of Saadiyat Beach.  I felt like I was at an exotic holiday destination.  I had to remind myself that I was only a 15 minute drive from my home. Note to self: come here more often!

RHWAD 114528The beach seemed like a long walk away with no shaded cover on the path down.  I knew that I was comfortable because I was sitting in the shade, however, I decided to brave the sun and head down. The walk looks longer than it is, and it only took a few moments before we were right near the water.  The water was crystal clear.  The sound of the small waves rolling makes you want to just sit on a lounge chair and take a nap.  It is so tranquil. A great place to just sit, stare out onto the horizon, and unwind.  We ventured into the water.  It was so relaxing but the best thing was – it was not super salty.  I have been swimming in the marina where the water is so salty your skin itches until you shower, but this was enjoyable.  All we could discuss was how wonderful the water was and how great this was for our skin.

RHWAD 123606After we spent ample amount of time enjoying the Saadiyat coastline, we headed back to the pool. We hadn’t brought towels down to the beach but it didn’t matter, there are towels readily available for you use beachside.  All the swimming stirred up and appetite so we decided to have lunch at Safina.  The rustic decor of Safina is just an extension of the beach environment.   The walls are covered with pictures taken in and around Saadiyat Island. Floor to ceiling windows lets you ensures there is no escape from the beautiful views.

The menu at Safina is full of 5 star options.  The gourmet selections will have you hemming and hawing over what to choose.   Peppercrusted Yellow Fin Tuna, Braised Wagyu Ravioli, Seafood linguine, and assortment of salads with so many healthy options, the menu does include a burger and sandwich selection if you want to pass on the beetroot organic quinoa with shrimps. Which is what we did.  We started with Burrata cheese appetiser, and I had the grilled chicken wrap (with chicken, lemon grass and peanuts) whilst my friend had the Wagyu beef burger.  These simple dishes were jazzed up with fresh herbs and seasoning that took them from ordinary to extraordinary.  After the main, I could not bear to even think about dessert but we had to try one, so we shared a Panna Cotta.

Feeling stuffed I wanted to just head back out to the cabana and take a nap but reality hit me and it was time for school pick up. I was reluctant to leave – negotiating with myself ways to stay longer. I had a fantastic morning and left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  I am still amazed at how comfortable the weather was!  The temperature whilst I was there was 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) and it felt perfect for the beach. My first stop after leaving Saadiyat Beach Club was the school parking lot.  Ten seconds out of the car I was already uncomfortable. The sun was scorching my clothes and I could feel the sweat slowly trickling down my legs as I hurried into the school building, however, that did not ruin the upbeat mood I was in.  Thoughts of the warm ocean breeze and the beautiful scenery kept me feeling great.  The reset button hit. This was a great way to escape my Groundhog day routine.  I highly recommend for everyone! It is a wonderful destresser.  I will be heading back and plan to make this a regular treat for husband and I.

If you are looking for a mini day escape to venture to this summer, Saadiyat Beach Club needs to be on your list.  It is a great place to bring guests.  Let them think you live like this everyday! There is currently a special promotion for day passes for 150 AED on a weekday, 290 AED weekend.  As a day pass holder you can use the pool, beach, the spa facilities, the gym. Take advantage of this offer which runs until September.

Saadiyat Beach Club is open during Ramadan.  It opens each day at 9:00.  Whilst there is no eating poolside during the month, the restaurants are still open and you can get a bite to eat indoors.


Where:  Saadiyat Beach Club
Location:  Saadiyat Island (click here for map)
Timings: Beach Club – 9:00 – Sunset
Restaurants:  Lunch 12-6:00pm, Dinner 6:00 – 10:00pm
Summer Promotion:  Day Pass 150 AED (weekday), Day Pass 290 AED (weekend)
Call:  02 656 3500

Let us know what you think!