Recently the Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi were fortunate to attend the Entertainer Abu Dhabi 2015 launch. We love the Entertainer and never miss an opportunity to use it. Now we have a special promotion from The Entertainer for the Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi. If you order your Entertainer Abu Dhabi before December 7, you can enjoy additional savings.  We have been using the Entertainer Abu Dhabi Body app since last April and wrote about how easy it is to use a few months ago (Entertainer Abu Dhabi App).  For 2015 I will be switching over to using the apps, however if you want to purchase the book you can.  It is your choice.  Either way you are going to enjoy great savings!  Take a look below and make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.

Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi The Entertainer


Let us know which one you choose – Book or App.