Desert warrior challengeI always like a good challenge.  However, most of my challenges these days include trying to get the kids to play nicely with each other, getting them to school on time, cooking something healthy that they will actually eat, getting my weekly food shop done in only two shops instead of four and refraining from having seconds of dessert.  The list goes on and on but most of you already know, because if your a housewife and mom, you’re doing it too.

I used to be a “fun runner.”  You know the person that just trots their way through the race.  Tick the box, add another T-shirt  to the workout clothes collection.  This year I have not really done many events.  I didn’t even make my annual trek to RAK half marathon this year – which is always more about having a great family weekend away rather than the race. With only a few months left before it gets scorchio outside, I felt like I was running out of options to do a memorable event for this season.  So what is left to do in Abu Dhabi?  Desert Warrior Challenge.  A 10 k race filled with 20 different obstacles with names like Nutcracker, Twin Peaks, Brain Freeze, Hangin’ On, Monkey Business, and Tarzan.  It is all happening up at Yas Marina Circuit.  I reviewed the website and watched the video – which includes people who all look like extreme sport professionals.  Release Your Inner Warrior – I do that anytime someone cuts in front of me after I have been waiting in line forever.  Why was I even considering this?

Here is how my thought process went.  It’s called Desert…I have been living in Abu Dhabi for a few years now, I should really do something that is called Desert something.  It’s at Yas Marina Circuit….I like Yas Marina Circuit…An obstacle course sounds fun..maybe a little insane but definitely fun…Maybe I’ll loose some weight. Yes, that’s it.  I should loose weight training, right? Sign me up!

Lucky for me, Haddins gym have had an 8 week training course specifically for this event.  You may have remembered I went Primal back in September and have been exercising at Haddins ever since.

With only a week before this event I am left asking myself, why?  What made me think that running through obstacles, climbing monkey bars, climbing a rope would be right for me?  The training has been hard core.  It has consisted of flipping tires, swinging kettle balls, pushups, situps, sprints, stair climbs, the list goes on and on.  Each session more gruelling than the last. Am I stronger? Definitely. Am I ready for this?  As ready as I’ll ever be – still not sure about the rope climb or monkey bars.  I have trained with an amazing group of people. Now it is just about having fun – I guess it always has been.  Call me crazy but I get to be a big kid for 10k as I make my way through 20 different obstacles.  It’s the adult version of Fun City except I am sure I won’t have to take off my shoes to play.

It is not too late to sign up if you want to join in on the fun.  There is both a 10k and 5k option. Check out Desert Warrior Challenge.  Give a shout out if you are going to be there. Perhaps next year we can put together a team of Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi.

Watch how much fun these people are having!


This is a video from the previous Desert Warrior Challenge held in Dubai.