Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi dressed to the nines for an exciting Day at the Races brunch held at Silk Route Cafe at Holiday Inn, Abu Dhabi.  This brunch marked the one year anniversary of the RHWAD group.  What started out as a Facebook page in 2013 by Vanessa Boson has now grown into an active social group.  I teamed up with Vanessa in September to assist with rapidly growing community.  The past year has seen the group go from being a Facebook page to expanding on Instagram and Twitter; also including a website that has useful information regarding Abu Dhabi Life.   It is still a fairly young and with both of us being real housewives with daily responsibilities (school run, shopping, cooking, etc) we sometimes don’t always have the time we would like to spend on it.  That being said – we still have a lot to celebrate!


What has made the groups success are the fantastic women who come to our events.  Since we have started doing the monthly events, we have met so many extraordinary  women in Abu Dhabi.  Despite having different backgrounds and cultures we connect because we all have something in common.  RHWAD aim to continue creating positive environments for women to connect.

RHWAD Plume hats 1With the Dubai World Cup only a few weeks away, it was the perfect excuse to dress up.  However, on the day of the event, Abu Dhabi was hit with serious sand storm.  This did not stop the ladies from looking absolutely fantastic.  Everyone showed up fashionably dressed – hats intact.  The ladies enjoyed a beautiful brunch, great conversation and most did not leave empty handed as we had loads of race raffles to give away.

This event would not have been possible without our wonderful sponsors  Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi, Salon de Papillon, Maria’s Kitchen, 2 birds, Gold’s Gym, Monte Carlo Beach Club, Matt McCobb Art, Dees Jewellery World Heel Stoppers, Avon with Solange, Hallabolou, Curls and Colors Salon and Dahlia Photography.

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