By Mini Exchange

Early summer is always a fun season for kids. Aside from getting a break from school, they also get the chance to spend more time outdoors, enjoying fun activities with friends and family. However, keeping kids cool in summer is a challenge for moms, especially when keeping kids indoors is almost impossible. Here are some practical tips for dressing kids for summer, so they can stay cool and comfy, while minimizing the risk of too much sun exposure.


Tip 1: Grab a sun hat

Cotton in a tight weave is an ideal option. It is best to choose a hat, cap or visor that shields your child’s cute little face from the harmful sun rays, as well as the ears and back of the neck. These areas are prone to sunburn very quickly, so keep them shaded.

Tip 2: Choose cotton

Cotton allows easy ventilation to cool down body temperature. Kids are active and will definitely sweat, so make sure that their clothes can breathe sufficiently, which reduces skin irritation due to perspiration.

Tip 3: Light colours over dark

Aside from achieving that fresh summer look, clothes in lighter colours help prevent heat from being trapped. Light coloured clothing reflects sunlight, while darker colours absorb the heat. Dress your kids in lighter shades to stay cooler in the sunshine.

Tip 4: Cover up at the beach

A perfect summer season is never complete without dipping into the pool or going to the beach. Little girls and boys look fabulous in their cute little bikinis and swim trunks, but sufficient sun protection should always be a top priority. It’s best to look for tops and bottoms that cover as much of their sensitive skin as possible. Alternatively, slip a swim top over your toddler’s two-piece when she goes into the water. The perfect cover-up for both boys and girls, is a ‘rash vest’, which is a body-hugging, short-sleeved top, usually worn by surfers. They come in stretchy, quick-dry fabrics, like Lycra and nylon. With a rash vest, kids can enjoy the waves, and parents don’t need to worry about sunburn.

Tip 5: Extra protection with sunscreen

No matter what you dress your child in, you should also always apply sunscreen at regular intervals. It’s the best defence against the harmful UV rays.