By Mini Exchange

Mums love dressing their kids up for special occasions. Seeing your precious children looking all spiffy and smart in their fancy and stylish duds, makes parents beam with pride. However, it’s not that easy to find kids’ clothes that are stylish but practical, or trendy but comfortable.

Here are some tips to consider

Make it Itch Free:

Avoid synthetic fabrics, and itchy embellishments and trimmings like lace. These may cause skin irritation to your child’s sensitive skin. You don’t want to see your poor child fidgeting and scratching. Opt for natural fabrics like cotton, which are friendlier to the skin.

Keep it loose:

Considering how children love to play around. They should be comfortable at all times and have freedom of movement with their clothing. Plan ahead and have your daughter try on a variety of party dresses, to determine which one fits perfectly. Get her to move around so you can check if the dress offers sufficient movement. Check that the sleeves are wide enough for the arms, and shirts shouldn’t choke at the neck. When it comes to formalwear for boys, check that the trousers aren’t too tight and that belts are adjustable, so that it won’t squeeze the tummy. After your child removes the clothing, look for red marks on their skin. These are a sign that the clothing is too tight.

Easy to put on and take off:

Little kids can’t sit still for long, so make sure that their clothing is easy to quickly put on and take off. Avoid garments with too many buttons and fasteners, or complicated layers, unless you have time and patience to deal with it.

Buy wisely

Avoid expensive clothing. Kids grow so quickly, they will outgrow that outfit in no time at all. Besides, there is an abundance of affordable kids’ brands that have stunning collections of smart and stylish kids’ clothing, so you don’t have to waste money unnecessarily.