20140818_210224Located in the heart of Hamdan Street at Crowne Plaza, Spaccanapoli is a rustic Italian restaurant serving the some of the best pizza in Abu Dhabi.  When we found out that there was a Wine and Cheese night, we knew this would be the perfect place for a little get together for the some Real Housewives.   Gather an eclectic bunch of women, add food and drink – you know it is going to be a good night!

The Wine and Cheese night at Spaccanapoli consists of a varied selection of red and white wines, array of antipasta and an exceptional selection of cheeses.  The cost is only 119AED which is a great price if you love your wine, but it does not include water or soft drinks.  If Wine and Cheese is not your thing, no problem, Spaccanapoli has a wide selection of dishes for you to choose from including gluten free pizza.  The prices are very reasonable but if you want to save money – there is an Entertainer voucher for this restaurant for a buy one get one free main course.

That being said, what makes a night is not the food or drink but the company you keep.  It was the perfect excuse to get out of the house on a Monday evening.  We look forward to many more upcoming events both daytime and evening.  See you there!