Hate food shopping?  Does your favourite take away not deliver?  Well now there is a new home delivery service that will do your shopping for you.  Want to get some dinner delivered?  No problem, they can pick up your food too!


Living off island means that you need to drive everywhere to get anywhere.  Even a quick trip to the shops requires a 15 minute drive.   Recently I found this new service BringIt Abu Dhabi and it has made my life so much easier that I had to share with all the Real Housewives.

With new baby at home and a 6 week driving restriction, this meant that I needed to rely on my husband to take me to Carre Four to get the shopping done – after he finishes work.  Now ladies – what husband likes spending an hour in Carre Four after a long day at work?  I know my husband doesn’t.  To be honest, I don’t like going food shopping with him either and to do it after work cuts into family time.  Your situation could be different than mine. Perhaps you work and just want to get some extra time  for yourself or with the family each week or you are a non driver.  This service would be perfect for you. What a luxury and time saver to have your grocery shopping delivered right to your door!

It is very easy to use this service.  All  you need to do is visit the BringIt website page.  List out everything that you want delivered.  You have a selection of shops to choose from – Carre Four, Waitrose, Abela’s.  They go where you want them to.  They will confirm your address and what time you need the items.  They can bring within the hour, or they will give you a time frame based on your needs.  That’s it!  It is that easy!  They will do the shopping for you.  They will bring you the receipts and you pay a delivery charge based on the amount of items that are purchased.

Bring IT Shops RHWAD

The service is not limited to grocery shopping.  It also includes food delivery from various outlets.  This is a very new service that I have found to be reliable for off island residents.  It is available to residents in several off island communities Al Raha Beach,  Hydra Village,  Al Reef,  Etihad Plaza, Al Raha Gardens and Al Rayanna.

So next time you are trying to figure out how you are going to fit in your weekly shop into your schedule, think of BringIt.  Make your list, send it, then sit back and relax.  Let BringIt Abu Dhabi do the hard work for you!

Bring It!