RHWAD Body and Soul aThere are times when convenience makes you find the best of what’s around.  For me it was using the spa Body and Soul.  I had been searching for a place to book a last minute massage for both my husband and I.  First place I looked was at my Entertainer Body App – because of the numerous buy one get one free offers.  I love a good bargain.  As I started calling around everywhere was booked up – which is not surprising when you leave it to the last minute.  When it looked like our afternoon would not be spent getting a massage – Body and Soul came through for us.

Located in Al Raha Beach Hotel which is a place I drive by every single day.  It used to be my number one place to go.  This is back in 2008 – pre-kids, pre-Yas, pre-anything within a 10 mile radius of Khalifa City A. These days I often overlook Al Raha Beach Hotel because of all the other newer options around. On this day, the hotel was able to book my husband and I in at that same time – so not only were we going to enjoy a lush afternoon of pampering but it was also trip down memory lane.

BOdy and Soul RHWADWhen we arrived at Raha Beach Hotel I was glad to see that the standard had not dropped.  It was still luxurious as it has ever been.  The only thing that had changed was the view overlooking the pool and beach area. Once just a view out onto the water the general landscape has changed with surrounding development. The outdoor area was much better than I remembered. The pool and beach area were full of families making this place look very lively. Mental note made to come back with children at a later date.

We had arrived an hour early to take advantage of using the pool (as most places will let you use the facilities for no extra charge when you book a massage).  We had planned to use the outdoor pool but when we got downstairs we were informed that the spa is actually upstairs.  Just then a distant memory of checking it out once before during a sandstorm suddenly resurfaced out of the depths of my mind.  Of course, it’s upstairs, there is a pool up there too!

My husband and I headed upstairs.  The thought of sitting out in the hot blistering sun suddenly seemed like a bad idea and the thought of a cool indoor pool appealed to us more. We headed upstairs and went into the indoor area.  The pool was empty so we had the entire place to ourselves.  We were given our lockers, robes and flip flops and we headed to the jacuzzi. The staff waited on us hand and foot.  Talk about feeling like VIP!

Body and Soul seats  RHWAD Body and Soul

The indoor facility is spacious with lounge chairs surrounding the pool deck.  Off to the side are tables and chairs adequately spaced apart so you can relax without infringing on someone else’s conversation.  The art on the wall and the pastel pink walls gives the place a retro feel but everything was clean, towels freshly washed and neatly folded and the water temperatures were perfect.  We were able to spend the hour relaxing and catching up with our lives. Being able to have a full conversation without being interrupted for the umpteenth time by the kids is such a luxury.


body soul treatment room body soul room

Right before our massage, we changed out of our swimsuits and into our disposable massage attire (courtesy of the spa).  We headed into the treatment room.  We decided to try the Balinese massage (as this was the option offered through the Entertainer Body App).  The next hour was bliss.  I thought the massage was very relaxing but for my husband he thought it was the best ever – and he has been to a few different places.  His therapist was able to apply the right pressure needed to work out those stress knots. When the hour was up we were able to sit out by the pool and enjoy a relaxing cup of tea.

Body and Soul RHWAD a

We toyed with the idea of getting back in the jacuzzi but had already been away from the kids for a couple of hours.  Time to head back and put into bed (parental guilt kicking in).  We changed back into our clothes to head home.

Overall it was an rejuvenating afternoon.  We have gone back since our first visit last month. Body and Soul offer a wide range of treatments including an newly remodelled Aqua medic pool.  The upstairs facilities include the pool and jacuzzi.  Both male and female locker rooms have a private jacuzzi, showers, steam and sauna.  You can easily spend a few hours there. If you use your Entertainer voucher, you can have 2 massages, plus use of the facilities for however long you want for just 380 AED.  Not bad! Great service and according to my husband – the best massage ever (request Nelly).

Body and Soul is open daily.  Take a look at their full treatment menu here before you book.  You can make a reservation by calling the hotel direct at  02 508 0555.  If you head down there, let us know what you think.