Murjan RHWAD 2It seems that it is birthday party season amongst my son’s friends.  Recently we attended at birthday party at Murjan Splash Park in Khalifa Park.  We had been to the park before but never had the opportunity to attend a birthday party there.

Murjan RHWAD 1Murjan Splash Park is a great water park which is best suited for children up to ages 6-7. It is not too big but it has enough to keep your little ones busy for hours.    There is a lazy river, water games, trampoline, and main attraction is the water playground with slides.

Murjan RHWAD 6When it comes to hosting a birthday party here, you can expect to pay more for a party here (approximately 3200 AED for 20 kids with parents) but everything is sorted for you.  You only need to bring cake and goody bags (if you choose to).   You select a theme for the party and all the decorations, balloon, food, drink is taken care of by the park.  Healthy snacks and a cooler of ice cold drinks are laid out for guests to eat before lunch is served.  The lunch is a selection of food from Saj2Go.  The party started at 10am and ended at 3pm – 5 hours of fun – if you can last that long.  We had to leave before 3pm as the kids were exhausted from all the playing.

If you want your party to be an overall success with little work to do on your part,  then this is the place to have your party.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and the kids really tired themselves out.  For more information regarding Murjan Splash park, click the link to their website.