home_pic3Our children grow so fast.  One day they are precious little babies, then suddenly we find ourselves looking for nurseries, scouting out the best schools  and asking ourselves  “Where did the time go?”  Before we know it, we are placing their names on waiting lists, keeping our fingers crossed hoping our child gets a spot.  As parents, it is important to us to find the right place for our children to learn and grow.   For any family, it can hard to find the right nursery.  One where you confidently know your child is happy and comfortable.  If this is the case for you, then look no further.

Bright Beginnings Nursery is happy to announce the start of our bilingual classes in September 2014 at the Mushrif branch.

French RHWADThe two programs on offer are bilingual French/English class and bilingual Arabic/English class.  This is perfect for your little ones to adapt and learn both languages regardless which is the main language spoken in the home.   Parents can rest assured that their little ones will be in a learning environment which increases your child’s knowledge and confidence.

How will it work?  The English teacher will spend half a day in each class (everyday). The classes will be run in exactly the same way as the regular Nursery classes – just operated in French or Arabic. You will have the choice of a three or five day per week program.

Arabic blocks RHWADWhat ages is this available for? This will be available for ages 2 – 3 years and 3 – 4 years. There will be two teachers per class and as a result we will be charging additional fees for these programs.

How much is this going to cost? Whilst the nursery needs to charge more because of the speciality of the program, the costs are still competitive with other nurseries within Abu Dhabi.  The cost for Autumn term is 7,650 AED for 3 days and 12,175 AED for 5 days.  The Spring and Summer terms are 5,740 AED for 3 days and 9, 135 AED for 5 days.  The Spring and Summer terms are cheaper because they are shorter terms.

Alphabet RHWAD
If you are interested in either program and would like more information please take a look at the Bright Beginnings Website.  As you know, nursery spots are filling fast so to book a place for your child, please contact the Office at 02-4492840 or email brightb2@eim.ae.