Bright Beginnings Nursery opened in January 2005 with only three students, now 16 years later, it has become one of the most popular nurseries in Abu Dhabi. But why? What are they doing that makes them one of the best?

Well, I think it begins at the top! The management team works together very closely to ensure the quality of education is child-centered, age-appropriate, and interactive. All three branches, though vastly different in physical layout, provides the same quality of education to all children. The staff turnover is very low, and teacher longevity is consistent as many teachers and management have been part of the Bright Beginnings family for ten-plus years. Children are their number one priority, allowing them to develop at their own pace, providing new and exciting learning spaces monthly, and working one on one with parents.

Bright Beginnings offers three different languages to all students; however, they also offer language immersion classes in French, Arabic, and English. But one of the things I love most about Bright Beginnings is all the fantastic events they offer to children to experience, such as, their Sponsored Bike Ride, Junk Modeling Week, Winter Wonderland, International Week, Dress Up Day, and so many more.

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