Here in the Real World..

…Life is different than the Abu Dhabi world.  I know this for a fact as I have a friend who has moved there and she has embraced the expat world wholeheartedly.  What does this world entail, well, let me tell you.

First you must live in an exotic locale.  No blah, cookie cutter town or neighborhood.  Floors must be marble and you must have tinted windows. Thick walls to block out any exterior noises (the full-time security guard would never let it happen anyway).  Let’s not forget extremely high ceilings 12 feet minimum and maid quarters.

Second, you heard me maid quarters.  Someone has to live in those quarters.  This is someone you pay to cater to your every whim.  Husband drops his clothes on the floor, no problem, the maid gets it.  Kids forget to take off muddy shoes, no problem, the maid will get it.  What’s for dinner, no problem, the maid does it.  Where does that leave her?

With a social life.  A maid and an exotic locale lead to an amazing social life.  After all she has a maid to take care of the house, kids and feed her husband.  All she has to do it attend mani/pedi parties with the Ladies, luncheon with the Ladies, evening drinks with the Ladies.  Oh and I forgot to mention the shopping.  Every mall has a jewelry store every third store, I kid you not!

WAIT… Jewelry every third store. Hmmm, maybe I need to have my husband check into a new job.


oct2909_bert_bKarin has been my best friend since 1993, we have been compared to Ernie & Bert.   Yes we have had our “disagreements” and yes we can beat the crap out of each other but don’t YOU dare say anything about either one of us…  We meet in 1993 working as counselors for after-school program, then realized we were attending the same University and even shared a few classes. Well long story short we never looked back, we became college roommates the following semester.   Together we have gone through boyfriends, break ups,  holding each other hair (okay maybe she just held mine), new jobs, new cars, getting that first apartment and oh yeah that first REAL paycheck, weddings, husbands, pregnancy, infertility, birth, children, parenting, loss and so many untold tears.  She will always love me (regardless of being a spoiled EXPAT) and I will ALWAYS love her! ~ Vanessa (AKA Ernie)