Bait ZaitLiving in the UAE our skin takes a beating. On a daily basis we go from hot humid temperatures outside to dry, cold air condition inside.  Slathering moisturisers, sunscreen, makeup are the norm but one may be missing out on the benefits of natural elements in your daily skin care regimen.   Failing to find any sort of all natural approach to skin care, Dr. Bassma Al Banna decided to create her own and what resulted is Bait Zait.

Bait Zait products are created to suit the UAE climate.  Their philosophy is based on a profound passion towards natural raw and organic materials appointed to produce healthy and natural skin care products.  All products are biodegradable and chemical free.   They are blended with best organic methods to ensure the quality and preserve the goodness of the oil, herb, and extracts.

RHWAD BaitZait4What was originally started for personal use, Dr. Bassma began sharing with friends and family.  She was able to get feedback and adjust accordingly to suit everyone’s needs.  Before long she had a line of soaps, facial creams and serums fit for various skin types.   When it comes to creating skin care products, scientific knowledge is important but experience and observation is the ultimate teacher.   Dr. Bassma was taught that coconut oil is a drying oil when used in blend and soaps.  Coming from a European and Northern American source this is true, however, when used in her body butter it gave a smooth silky feel and provided the protection the skin needed.   Looking into the results, Dr. Bassma found that in more hot and humid environments, coconut oil protects and regulates the skin as intended in its natural habitat.  This also explains why it drys in a colder climate where it doesn’t grow.  With this knowledge, Dr. Bassma decided to reconsider the environmental factors in her blends and choose more local resources for better harmony and results.

RHWAD BaitZait 3She focuses on local elements such as camel milk, date syrup, tropical and essential oils which is more effective in this UAE climate.  She also focuses on blending herbs, oils and extract to boost the efficiency of others.  For example, Argon oil is a super nourishing antioxidant, easily absorbed by skin.  Blending with pomegranate extract which is packed with Vitamin C creates the ultimate corrective cream.

RHWAD BaitZait2There are many natural ingredients that can be used, it is just gaining the awareness of how using natural products can be beneficial.  Bait Zait Limited aims to create that awareness and educate women through small workshops and seminar based on the power of natural oils and herbs to protect.  For more information and to purchase any products, please check out Bait Zait Limited on Facebook.