Mamis Baby Carrier RHWAD 1Babies are designed to be carried, they love to be held close and feel your warmth and smell. I understood this very quickly in 2010 when my first baby was born.

A very convenient, safe, practical and comfortable way of keeping your baby close to you is using an ergonomic baby carrier. These carriers ensure their legs are always in the recommended “M” shape to protect their hips. I knew all about ergonomic carriers, so there I was looking like crazy in all shops in Abu Dhabi without much success. I was tired to only see traditional carriers such as Baby Bjorn, where the seat is so narrow that baby legs just hang from the carrier.

I almost gave up but then I found a little shop where they sold woven wraps. Very determined I bought it and tried to carry Jorge in it, but I did not feel very comfortable.  It was made of a very thick material and not ideal for Abu Dhabi temperatures. I decided to surf the net and came across a German brand, MANDUCA, who make these amazing soft structured carriers (SSC) which made me fall in love immediately! There were so many beautiful colors that I couldn’t decide which one to buy. Thinking that my husband would also wear it I decided to ask my mother to buy the brown color and bring it along with her on her next visit to Abu Dhabi.

I read all reviews, blogs and websites. They all talk about the advantages of using a baby carrier:

  • Skin contact which helps to create bonding between you and your newborn.
  • Security as she always feel cared and loved between your arms.
  • Practicality as your hands are completely free while you keep your child close and even nurse him.

I just could not wait for my mother to bring the precious MANDUCA box. When I received it I could have never imagined that what the carrier would become to this day somehow another family member and truly my best friend!  With Jorge I used it while washing, cooking, strolling around the park. Now that number two (Marc) came along it is just the best solution to carry him while I play with Jorge, visiting the shops and especially when I travelled back to Barcelona on my own with the two kids.

My baby carrier experience increased when I had Marc, in late 2013, I had an emergency cesarean which was very difficult for me during the first week.  But my mother came to save me once again and brought with her a beautiful stretchy wrap!!! When I was finally able to stand up and walk more or less normally, I started to carry Marc in the stretchy wrap. It was literally putting him in, walking two steps and he would fall asleep. I even remember carrying him one day for 7 hours!!! Of course, I would take him out every so often to give him a stretch and a new nappy. The wrap was so handy that he was able to breast-feed easily while carrying him which made him happy and me even happier!

Mamis RHWAD 3When Marc turned almost 4 months and his weight was too much for the stretchy wrap, I took out of my closet my beloved MANDUCA – my best friend. I had forgotten how easy and quick to put it on. For me, when you have an older child, the more free hands you have the better to be able to play with him.

When Marc turned one he still wanted to be carried, but for shorter periods of time, so I needed something that I could just put him in and out of it. A friend of mine, recommended to use a sling. I surfed the net again and found LENNY LAMB bamboo ringslings and the TONGA. I couldn’t decide which one to get so ordered both. The ringsling is great, extremely easy to use as you do not need to tie it. Just properly put a sling end into the rings and it will always be ready to use, and it remains only to tighten it.

Mamis Baby Carrier RHWAD 2As for the TONGA, I found it tricky at the beginning but once you get the trick, it is a super baby carrier and super light to the point where I can simply put it in my pocket when I don’t need it. I can use it to go to the beach, the pool or the shower.

Still today, the one I personally used most is MANDUCA, I use it on a daily basis to carry Marc, breastfeed him, feel him close to me, and keep my hands free to dedicate to Jorge which he just loves! And you know what? Sometimes I even carry Jorge in it which makes him feel super special.

I am so proud of being able to tell you that since February 2015 a wide range of different styles of ergonomic carriers are now available in Abu Dhabi at Mamis Exclusive in Al Seef Mall. Our well trained staff will tell you everything you need to know about ergonomics, bring your baby/toddler along, try them and find the one that suits you both the best!


Mamis RHWAD 4Lorena Montalvo Rodriguez, a 31 years old Spanish girl who has lived in Abu Dhabi for almost 9 years.  She is a nursery teacher and has always loved kids.  Now she has two children of her own.  For her, baby wearing is an experience that should not be missed which is why she is happy to bring it to the Abu Dhabi market through Mamis Exclusive.





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