HWAD Al Bahia86Recently I have discovered something new (for me*).  I love when that happens.  This week I felt like a modern day explorer when I entered this place in Al Bahia.

“What?  What is this place?”

“Are you open to the public?”

“How long have you been here?”

“Can I buy some plants?”

That was me with a bucket load of questions to the first person I saw after I drove into what appeared to be some sort of garden place.  From the outside it looks like is a plant nursery.  It is a fenced off area with loads of plants neatly lined up in black planters pots. From the road you can see the usual garden fixtures: palm plants, bougainvillea, and desert flowers. Because there is no commercial sign outside I thought perhaps it was someone’s private stock or maybe it belonged to a landscape company.

After driving by everyday, this week I decided to venture in.  I need a few new plants for my garden. What I found had me feeling completely excited. Inside were beautiful collections of a wide variety of trees and plants: Papaya trees, orange trees, lemon trees, jasmine plants, fresh herbs (mint and rosemary are the only ones I can recognize), this place has everything.  I was amazed.  Judging from the outside you would not expect such a wide variety available inside.

Helpful Salim

Helpful Salim

I met with Salim. He has been working here for a few years and lives on the premises with the other gardeners.  I know nothing about plants.  I want to learn more because my plants are looking pretty bad these days. In my excitement, I had long winded questions that were met with a blank stare.  Salim’s English is minimal and my Bangladeshi and Arabic is non existent. I would just rephrase the question and I knew that Salim knew his stuff. Before long I had most of the answers I was looking for. Salim took his time and showed me around the place.

As we walked around he told me the prices which the prices seem reasonable – ranging from 10 AED to 250 AED depending on the type of plant.  Definitely cheaper than you would find at ACE (and much more selection).  This place is great for those of us who live off island. You don’t have to make the trek down to the port to pick up some new plants. If you want to update your garden, add some new plants in your home or perhaps start an herb or vegetable garden this would be the place to visit.  I am told now is the time to start those vegetables.

Whilst Al Bahia may seem distant, it is actually only about a 10 minute drive from Khalifa City. Coming from Abu Dhabi, take the Al Bahia exit (Exit 39), drive over the over pass and just go straight (staying on Al Bahia Street). You will see Al Bahia park and some old school shops on your right.  Go straight through the roundabout.  You will feel like you are heading into no man’s land. The garden place is on the left.  You will see the a tiny junction of Al Rawlah Lane and Al Bahia street on a corner.  That is the place.

I wanted to let you know about this place to save you time driving down to the plant souk in Mina Port. Now I do need to tell you that you will ONLY find plants here. You will not find pots for your plants, or other gardening items.  It is only plants.  So go on.  Do a little exploring and check this place out.  BBQ season just around the corner and you’ll want to get your garden in tip top shape.

Opening Times 

Sun – Thurs:  8:00 am – 1:00 pm, 4:00 – 10:00 pm
Fri:  8:00am – 11:00am, 4:00 – 11:00 pm

Directions – Google maps:  click here.

*After starting to write this blog, I found that there are several articles already in existence about this place.  Not the find I initially thought.  Oh well, I still felt like an explorer and still had to share with you!