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It’s hardly surprising that during pregnancy, women tend to feel insecure about the way they look. The steady weight gain, feeling bloated and heavy, and let’s not forget how hormones are all over the place. Not every expectant mother is lucky enough to have that radiant pregnancy glow. The best way to compensate for this is to find a way to feel better about yourself, to be more comfortable and feel a bit more like your old self. The right maternity clothing can make you feel magnificent again, despite the fact that, at times, you may feel like a stranger in your own body.

Tips to look your best in maternity clothing

Colour your world

Why stick to safe, neutral or basic colours, just because you’re pregnant? Resist the urge to wear only black in an effort to hide the extra weight. Colours brighten up a boring day, and they can do the same for your mood.

Bring on the bling

If you prefer the neutral tones, it won’t hurt to add a splash of colour here and there, to liven up your outfit. Accessories are the perfect way to achieve this. You don’t have to go crazy and wear a kaleidoscope of colours, just something that contrasts well with the neutral colour you’ve chosen to wear. Perhaps a few bracelets or necklace, in a combination of light, royal, and dark blue. If you’re not big on jewellery, you could try a scarves, hats or handbags.

Bulky no more

Layering clothes, or wearing baggy clothes, to hide the extra weight, will only make you look even bigger. Embrace being pregnant and flaunt it! Choose maternity dresses that will accentuate your growing belly. Find light and stretchy fabric that’s moves and breathes easily. The right combination of fashionable and comfortable will make you look and feel like one Hot Momma!

Don’t give up on skinny jeans

Don’t let pregnancy prevent you from wearing skinny jeans. Stay away from the hard denims though; rather choose maternity trousers or jeans, made from light, stretchy materials. Always check that they have the elasticated waist. This will accommodate your growing belly, and offer comfort to mum and baby. Don’t try to squeeze into skinny jeans that were not designed for pregnancy. You will not be comfortable. If you’re anti-denim, there are many options for leggings and trousers that are way more fashionable than the maternity wear our mothers had in their day. Take advantage and strut your stuff.


You can still be a fashionista with your baby bump.


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