Walking in the footsteps of the strong, resililent women who helped shape the UAE

Emirati and Expat women will begin a 140 kilometer week long trek on March 1st to understand a heritage developed from daily patterns of life in the desert. To better appreciate the culture of the United Arab Emirates, it is essential to spend time in the place where this legacy began. This walk offers numerous benefits not only to those walking, but also to those connected to them.

“Why would you want to walk that far in the sand?” is a question frequently posed to the thirty women walking the ancestral route from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi. Building resilience, persistence and grit from enduring difficult challenges is a secondary gain. These traits are the most consistent, dependable characteristics of highly successful people.

Desert 9women in desert copyAbout the Walk:

The Women’s Heritage Walk was borne out of a curiosity to learn and understand the traditions and culture of the UAE originating in the daily trials of living in the desert. This yearning for knowledge and a better understanding of the UAE developed into a multi layered program. This walk will serve to benefit not only the women walking, but also will have a ripple effect to marriages, families and in developing the determination and fortitude required of today’s leaders. Some of these multiple layers include: health and wellness, women’s empowerment, women’s leadership, intercultural connectivity and understanding, changing lifestyles, raising awareness of the strength and endurance of women in this region, and understanding and appreciating the female legacy. These layers intersect and amplify the benefits.

To learn more about this program, please visit www.womensheritagewalk.com.  Later this week be sure to catch up with Jody Ballard (Walk Organizer) on The Learning Curve Podcast as she discusses more about this amazing trek.

The walk begins March 1st.  Be sure to follow these couragous, inspiring women on Facebook, Women’s Heritage Walk throughout the week for updates and photos. Cheer them on through Twitter and Instagram.